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Servicing New Construction, Industrial, Commercial and Residential

Experts in Exterior Cleaning

We are experts in residential and commercial exterior cleaning. We let science do the work! Our soft wash technicians use low pressure washing techniques along with a mixture of eco-friendly chemicals to safely clean all exterior services. Trust Palmetto State Exteriors to renew, restore and protect what matters most to you.

WHY Restore, Renew, and Protect your investment?

  • Enhanced Property Value

  • Impactful curb appeal

  • Increased lifespan of exterior walls

  • Practical maintenance costs

  • Promote healthy living environment

  • Protect the return on your investment

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning

We offer full service veneer cleaning for new construction projects. We’ve partnered with EaCo Chem to provide the correct, eco-friendly chemical soft wash solution for your project every time.

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Residential Cleaning

Put your best foot forward this year with Palmetto State Exterior’s soft wash exterior cleaning. We want to be a part of your spring cleaning efforts. From large commercial cleaning projects to residential homes, trust us to restore, renew and protect all of your properties.

Hardscape Cleaning

Accidents involving slips, trips and falls cost consumers $70 billion per year. Cleaning your hardscapes annually is important, not just for safety. Hard stains and fading can decrease the value of the property, and shorten the lifespan of the surface. Let our trained staff build a cleaning plan for your hardscapes today.

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