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Protecting against Moisture and Energy Leakage

Servicing Residential & Commercial

In the Southeast, moisture is the number one issue faced by those in new construction. Our trained team of professionals specializes in waterproofing your commercial sites.

Waterproofing and Dampproofing can be used behind multiple cladding solutions and below grade contact. Continuous water barrier system secures the building and structure envelope from moisture and mold intrusion.

  • Above and Below Grade

  • Vertical and Horizontal

  • Hot and Cold Applied and Self Adhering

  • Foundation Drainage

  • Concrete, CMU and Exterior Sheathings

  • Cementitious, Crystalline, Elastomeric and Bentonite

Air and Vapor Barriers

Air and Vapor Barriers inhibit building envelope air leakage and promote green and energy efficient construction practices.

  • Permeable and Impermeable

  • Sprayer and sheet applied


Specialty Coatings and Linings

Specialty Coatings and Linings help reduce abrasion and increases aesthetics, while prolonging the life of buildings, decks and structures.

  • Vehicular, pedestrian and industrial

  • Deck coatings and deck repairs

  • Steel structures

  • Concrete


Caulking and Sealants

Caulking and Sealants keep moisture and vapors from penetrating through openings, joints and cracks.

  • Interior and exterior

  • Pre-Cast, Concrete, Tilt-Up Panels, Masonry and Wall Panel Systems

  • Expansion and Control Joints

  • Glazing

  • Cosmetic

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